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Getting Started

This document describes the resources that make up the official moXimo API.

If you have any problems or requests, please contact our API team.

Make sure you input correct lowercase and uppercase letters.

Creating a developer account

To access the moXimo API, first register.

Our API uses a APIKEY to work. Contact us for YOUR APIKEY.

Registering your API-KEY

Preference will be given to applications that follow the API terms of use.



The API is available at


To get the current Version use simply

Error messages

If you are missing any mandatory attribute, you will receive a Error.

HTTP Verbs

Variable Description
POST An associative array of variables passed to the current script via the HTTP POST method when using application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data as the HTTP Content-Type in the request.
GET An associative array of variables passed to the current script via the URL parameters.


MACHINE -> without Interface
PERSON -> with Interface


INFOInformation APIKEY, WhoAmI, method, IID, column must be set
APIKEY, WhoAmI, method, privateidentification, value must be set
EDITEdit APIKEY, WhoAmI, method, IID, column AND value must be set
DELDelete APIKEY, WhoAmI, method, IID must be set
NEWCreateAPIKEY not necessary


ALL All Columns
OWNER Information about the owner of the object
POSSESSOR Information about the possessor of the object
SERIALThe Serialnumber of the object
DESCRIPTION Information about the possessor of the object
OBJECTCODETYPE Which Codetype would you use (UPC, EAN, GTIN, ASIN, ISBN...)
OBJECTCODE The Objectcode itself
QRCODEIMAGELINKWeblink to Image File
REFERERWhere to refer
PRIVATEIDENTIFICATIONYour own Identification Code (Could be used for method=info instead of the IID -> returns only the corresponding IID')
SECURITYPrivate or Public
EDITBYChanged by


Use your APIKEY from your UserProfile
Login to your Userprofile


Create NEW Inventory:[YOURAPIKEYHERE]&method=NEW

You will receive the generated IID.
Create NEW Inventory:[YOURAPIKEYHERE]&method=NEW&column=qrcodeimage

You will receive the generated QRCode PNG as Stream.
Show All Attributes:[YOURAPIKEYHERE]&method=INFO&column=ALL&IID=1ac83e0e-bcd7-479a-a000-2e3eafce09f9

Show Owner:[YOURAPIKEYHERE]&method=INFO&column=OWNER&IID=1ac83e0e-bcd7-479a-a000-2e3eafce09f9

Show Path to PNG:[YOURAPIKEYHERE]&method=INFO&column=QRCODEIMAGELINK&IID=1ac83e0e-bcd7-479a-a000-2e3eafce09f9

Human Usage

Feature Request

If you have a suggestion for how to improve or enhance our API software, your input is always welcome. Please submit your suggestions through the Feature Request form below. Unless additional information is needed, you will not receive a personal response. Any suggestions for enhancements to our API software that you submit will become the property of moXimo. moXimo may use this information for any moXimo business purposes, without restriction, including for product support and development. moXimo will not use the information in a form that personally identifies you.

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